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Learn the iPad with iPad TutorialsMaybe you got it as a gift. Maybe you finally splurged and bought yourself the latest generation of iPad. Either way, you've finally done it. You've gotten your hands on an iPad, probably the coolest, most useful little helper to come along in decades. Now all you have to do is learn how to really use the iPad.
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iPad instructional videoIsn't it time that you started to take advantage of your new indispensable tool. Time is money and it could take you months to discover all the features, uses and other benefits the iPad can offer. Even worse, it is possible that you may never learn all that it can do for you through the old fashioned method of trail and error.

With 19 carefully selected, professionally produced videos, this course puts the power of the iPad literally at your fingertips. And you don't have to worry about the videos confusing you even further. Great care is taken to make sure that each video is clear and concise, introducing you to one function at a time and showing you exactly how to use the iPad to it's fullest capabilities. When you're done, you'll be well versed in all of your iPad's major features. With a little practice, you'll find yourself zipping along like a pro.
Within a short time after you download Tablet Training's video course, you'll learn how to:
Fully customize your iPad so it works for you and not the other way around

Zoom, snap and organize photos with ease

Keep up to date with all of your events and appointments at a glance

Store contact info for all your friends, family and colleagues and be able to contact them in a variety of different ways

Ensure you can quickly connect to any available network in your area without floundering around and losing your valuable time

Set up your own Wi-Fi hot spot to allow anyone in your area to access the internet

Constantly keep in contact with fellow iPad, iPod and iPhone users through Apple's iMessage app, as well as create or configure your email account

Find out where you're at and how to get where you're going with a minimum of grief
Harness the unbelievable power of iPad apps-how to find them, buy them, and get them up and running

Make your iPad come alive with your very own sound scheme
And much more........and all with a complete 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

For a limited time Tablet Training's iPad video course is offered for $77. This promotional offer is valid for a limited time and may be changed at any time. There is no charge to view the full offer page. You will not be charged a fee to access the full offer page.
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